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I was tagged

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 5, 2017, 9:50 AM
1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their owners

Rae--Bae tagged me ^^

You asked for Doc or Aesy...why not have both?

Let's start with Doc Gabriel!

1- Is actually british. He speaks most alien languages fluent...but when it comes to swearing he tends to use british words like "wanker, bollox, bloody...".
I think you get the idea.

2- One of his wings weighs about 32kg (70,5lbs). They are only able to stay on his back the way they do because of some integrated anti-gravity generators.

3- When he isn't working in his lab/workshop/base you'll find him jobbing on the space colony. It's not always easy for him because cyborgs have very limited access to certain parts of the colony and security is constantly having an eye on him.

4- Doc Gabriel doesn't belong to one specific fandom/universe. He lives in it is possible for him to meet races from star wars, star trek, transformers, OCs and/or their name it. Space is HUGE!

5- He is probably one of my oldest characters. As far as I remember...was he introduced here in 2008. Let me tell you...he already existed long before that. I just never had the chance to properly develop him.

6- Is afraid of becoming a machine that isn't able to feel anymore.

7- When he got his was a fiasco.
Screaming, blood and broken bones.
Even for him it was not easy to learn how to navigate through air and on the ground with such massive wings.

8- Could literally survive on coffee and likes to run arround with just boxers and t-shirt when he's home alone.

Ok and now Aesy!

1- I love him a lot...but he is the biggest mary sue ever created by my handy and brain. I forced him to have the saddest and most tragic backgroundstory possible...worse than the ones from other people with TF OCs.
But the time he was created...was not the best time in my life...he was more or less a vent character.

2- I will never give up on him! I will try to rewite his history and fill the plotholes. I won't take most of the mary sue-ish things away tho...i want to integrate and develop them into something good.

3- Aesy discovered by accident that he had inherited his father's facemask.
An explosion near him triggered it somehow and it closed.
It took him several days to open it again and another few days to control it properly.

4- He is a medic (soon to be doctor) and turns into a jet. For me personally...people who turn into flying things ar not good with running.
But he has no long range weapon, well no ranged weapon at all.
Aesy specialised in hand-to-hand combat.
He gave up his shoulder cannons for a spark-jumpstarting device.
So he basically flies over to the combat-zone with high speed, lands and runs arround with his stupid little bird feet, patching up teammates and beating/slicing up autobots (or whatever the enemy may be at the time).
Not the best choices were made. XD

5- Aesy is a bit smaller than the average seeker. The reason for this is the malnutrition in his early years.

6- His feet tend to be sensivite in cold environments because the energon lines to his heel thrusters were disconnected or better...ripped off. When he joined the Deception this damage was repaired nicely but you may know that when you got a big scar hurts when too cold, too hot, wheather changes...

7- Has recently found out that he might be interested in mnemosurgery.

8- He really,really tries to write and speak normal...but he grew up in the no matter how hard he tries to conceal it...the gutter language finds it's way.



I don't know if i can back-tag you...but I would be so happy if you would do this with DS or any other of your TF OCs.


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Rae--Bae Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not even british and I've taken to using their more sour terms due to all the UK tv shows i end up watching XD
GOODNESS we need to rp again with him and Carmen, and just throw as many alien races from other shows/games/movies in there as we can.
It would make for a hell of a time! lol

And man was it the same with Deathsite.. Total vent/mary sue.
I mean originally her two first children came from pairings with canon characters.
BUT THAT HAS SINCE CHANGED. I've become a better person and character creator lawl

I'll definitely do this again with some of my TF babs when I can <33
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